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Deck Builder in Randolph, MA

Searching for professional deck builders in Randolph, MA? We’re an insured contracting company specializing in deck designing and installations. We work with professional deck installers that can handle all kinds of deck construction services.

Our specialists refinish existing decks or install new decks in commercial properties, or as part of your home improvement plan. We have the best-experienced deck contractors in Randolph, MA.

We are leading in quality from deck companies in Randolph, MA, and surrounding. By utilizing innovative construction materials that guarantee long-lasting durability and improved functionality – without compromising aesthetics.

Decks Remodeling and Construction Services

As leading professional contractors, we provide the best-in-the-class decking, with special focus on deck construction services. Our contractors can handle any size deck construction services, servicing clients from all Southshore MA cities. Local verified and experienced deck builders.

New Deck Installation

New Deck Construction

Want to install a new deck in your commercial properties or as part of your home improvement plan? We can help you to design a perfect deck that serves the exact purpose you wish for. Our new deck construction services are "satisfaction guaranteed," thanks to all pro builders engaged throughout the process.

Deck Refinishing

Deck Refinishing / Reconstruction

We offer to refinish or rebuilding services. Our deck builders and contractors can do the entire process until inspected and approved. Reconstruction to refinishing/repolishing of existing decks. We assure you that you're getting quality work done for you.

Deck Repair

Decks Repair

Need to fix some cracked spots on your existing decks? For sure, we use improved and advanced materials for deck repairs. Our contractors will pay detailed attention to all aspects of the existing deck(s) that needs to be repaired; decide on the best approach and the right materials to use in fixing your deck(s).

New Deck Installation

Custom Designs

Our services include custom designs that will tally with any existing home improvement plan. We are fully licensed to operate in Weymouth, MA, and we're knowledgeable about the state's landscape; hence, we provide top-notch professional services and custom designs for any home project.

Why Choose AMS?

We have been working with home improvement services and detailed carpentry work for years. Our team is a hard worker and committed team, with experience equivalent to building an entire house!

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Interior Home Renovation

Exterior Home Renovation