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Patio Installation Services

Patio pavers, walkways, and sidewalks add more beauty to homes and commercial spaces. AMS is a patio contractor with expertise in the installation of new patios, concrete, natural stones, and refinishing existing patio pavers.

We also provide custom patio design services to most homeowners and commercial property owners. We can handle any kind of patio design and installation project. Whether you’re setting up a new patio garden, outdoor living space, backyard, or pavers, we are the best patio contractors to engage with.

Our Services

Every homeowner would love to have a stylish new outdoor space for relaxation with family and friends. The best way to bring such thoughts to life is by installing pavers. Paver patios can be constructed in different forms and styles regardless of the purpose they are meant to serve.

Our company provides professional patio installers who are capable of designing and constructing any outdoor living area. It is important to have a professional patio contractor install your paver patios, or others, to ensure a neat and durable job.

Our Patio contractors are can handle all types of patio installation jobs, using natural stone, concrete, or bricks as the main material.

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are designed using bricks as the main material. This type of patio requires low maintenance and they last for a long time. Also, you can install brick pavers in driveways, courtyards, or any outdoor living space you wish to beautify.

Natural Stone Patio

Natural Stone Pavers

This type of patio is constructed using natural stones as the main material. Definitely, this type of patio lasts very long and costs very low to maintain. You can install stone pavers in the backyard or any space around your property.

Concrete Patio

Concrete Patios

Just like the other, concrete pavers are constructed using concrete. This type of paver patio requires a professional concrete contractor to ensure a quality job. You can install concrete patios to improve any landscape; they also cost low to maintain.

Why Choose Us For Patio Paver Installation Services?

AMS Home Renovation has the right patio contractor in Randolph, MA for any kind of patio installation project. Typically, patio projects are costed per square foot; hence, our contractors would need to obtain detailed, per square foot, information regarding the outdoor space or backyard where the installation is to be done, then provide a free estimate.

Our patio paver installation services guarantee great outdoors that improve your home/commercial property landscape.

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