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For those who love to live in their homes!

Interior Home Renovation Services

Bathroom Remodel

Need extra space and a different setup for your bathroom? We can accomplish that with exclusive features and bathroom designs. Contact AMS Home Renovation today, if you need bathroom remodeling in Randolph.

Kitchen Renovation

New kitchen cabinets installation, island, countertop installation, tiles, flooring. Everything you need for a complete kitchen renovation.

Basement Remodeling

Precise basement finish services for a basement remodeling that fits your and your families extra space needs!

Services We Specialize

Looking for the best professional home interior designers in our area with remodeling ideas to transform the look and style of your home? Our home interior remodeling experts can help to turn any usable space in your home into a functional space for various (specific) activities.

Finish Carpenters

Many home builders won’t even consider the option of home finishing services because of the number of detail and time it takes to master and finish carpentry.

We have a dedicated team of experts finishing carpenters prepared to deal with custom carpentry storage, closets, and other interior services.

Interior House Painting

Interior painting services are all about experience and organization while working. For that reason, our professional painters are a great option for your renovation process.

A fresh coat of paint can change styles, enlarge or shrink a room size, increase property value and add a lot to a living experience.

Finish Carpenters

New flooring installation, tile, and hardwood floors for a completely new looking! Living room, kitchen, bathroom, and your entire home.

If not looking for a home remodel, we can also help with flooring restoration for a beautiful and complete renovation process.

Reliable Home Interior Remodeling Services

Home remodeling or renovation takes a lot of responsibility. Permits, clear communication, presentation, on-time services, and correct usage of resources and construction materials. You can count on us for significant and valuable changes.

Interior Home Renovation

Bathroom Remodeling

AMS contractors provide remodeling ideas to transform your bathroom into a vintage/modern premium bathroom with all the current features you wish for. This can include tiles installation, wall refinishing, and other essentials.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling

Get innovative home renovation ideas to transform your kitchen into a modern one with all the essentials found in modern celebrity-style kitchens. This may include changing the kitchen cabinets and introducing natural light.

House Rooms Remodeling

Rooms Remodeling

Looking to change the appearance and design of your house rooms (or just the living room)? We can help with innovative home remodeling ideas to turn every living space in your house into a highly-functional usable space for various activities. Our remodeling experts can renovate an entire room at a low cost: living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and storage spaces.

AMS Home Renovation

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Maximize Storage, open more spaces, live better, and get more comfortable in your own home while increasing your home’s real state value. These are just the beginning of the powerful effects of home remodeling!

Why Choose AMS Home Renovation?

AMS Home Renovation is a leading general contractor in Norfolk and Plymouth Counties, providing professional home renovation ideas to homeowners in more than 60 cities/towns. Our interior remodeling experts are highly skilled and can handle any remodeling project. We have the best professional interior designer for any home renovation job.

Our team of professionals provides home remodeling ideas that paint the exact picture of how you want your home to appear. This includes transforming the kitchen, bathroom, storage room, living room, dining room, or all rooms in the house, including meeting halls.

Our designers give your home the perfect style and shape you wish for, which can greatly impact the property’s resale value. To get started, we are willing to offer you a free estimate with some good home renovation ideas for your new remodeling project.

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